Marketing Strategy, Goals, and Objectives

Let’s say we take a different approach to target marketing. Let’s use psychographic segmenting and divide clients into two groups, petitioners and respondents.

  • Targeting: Proactive people who are planning for and want to feel in control of the divorce process. More petitioners, less respondents.

Marketing - Divorce You are In Control

Petitioner Males

  • Men who seek out well qualified professionals based on research. They require a professional appearance at your website, communications, technologies and more.

  • Men are less likely to take care of their health, so we focus on having and maintaining their power, wealth and status.

Marketing - Healthy Divorce that You Control

Petitioner Females

  • Proactive females more often include staying healthy as part of their lifestyle model. They want to believe that they can maintain a positive and healthy attitude throughout the divorce.

  • They are more likely to seek counseling and therapy throughout the process. This is important and helpful.