Marketing Campaigns

  • Immediately add live chat and FB page if one does not exist. Mid-term will develop bots to respond to questions.

  • Thank you cards, holiday cards, and 2-4 direct mail to people who make referrals. For women, we provide therapists with helpful info for their clients going through divorce. For men, we target CPA and financial professional who are "partners" in the divorce process.

  • We script, record and produce a 60 second podcast every other week. The transcript is used to create a blog post, FB post, Twitter post, Soundcloud and iTunes posts and the media files themselves. So, one script of about 240 words becomes multimedia SEO series of posts. 60 Seconds is the smallest commitment you can make to your marketing.

  • I recommend a fresh logo and colors. I like the intent of your design, but I believe there is room for rebranding. Please take a look at these ideas. I have one that I love.

  • This is the core of your marketing. We build your referral base and we focus on influencers. CPAs, financial advisors, therapists, and personal trainers along with beauty practitioners.

  • We will review the keywords, budget, and hits received with your existing campaign. Adjustments will be made as necessary to increase the productiveness of these funds.

  • This is the easiest thing to do. When we design a website, we cut it into little pieces of content that all have their own URL. For example, most attorneys create a diagram that shows "10 steps to a divorce". Your site has a diagram, ten media files, ten individual posts and a page where all of those pieces come together. Their one diagram vs your 22 pieces of searchable content. Hmmmm ..

  • We will integrate our other marketing campaigns with social media and use Twitter for publishing announcements. In FB, we will also cross post to our SEF page and will seek groups to join,

  • Each client will be asked for a testimonial at the conclusion of our relationship. Yelp and Google reviews will be on our minds with every client interaction.